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Fueled by unflinching optimism and an authentic desire to help others, Emily Faith is a fresh new voice in Contemporary Christian Music.  You can hear accents of country, blues, and rock & roll, in her fresh pop sound that is undeniably rooted in her faith.

Growing up her family says Emily loved music from the time she was born.  She always wanted music playing and hummed herself to sleep.  A shy and quite little girl, she begged her family to let her take the stage when she was just five years-old, singing in a talent competition in her hometown of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Performing “Jesus Loves Me,” the only song she knew at the time, she captivated the judges, readily winning the contest. Not long after, she hit the Oklahoma and Texas Opry circuit, standing on stages that had been graced by many iconic country artists. The Opry circuit provided a solid training ground for the up and coming singer-songwriter, allowing her to gain performance experience, to connect with other artists and to learn more about the heritage of traditional gospel and country music.

At eight years old she began writing songs when she found it to be a cathartic outlet for dealing with life struggles.  Her writing and dedication provided her with many opportunities including her first Christian festival – Lifelight.  Her love of music extended into the theater and dance world where she held many lead roles, which proved to be valuable training for her.  Just after turning 14 she was blessed with the opportunity to open a 50-city nation wide tour with the Newsboys as part of their “Gods Not Dead – Rivals” tour.  At the age of 16 she opened for King and Country.

Because of her intense focus on music and performing, Emily has not always engaged in the same activities as her peers and at times, she’s felt the social sting of being different. This inspired her to launch her “Write Your Own Story” campaign, a heartfelt effort to encourage people to pursue their passions, become their authentic selves and to support others in doing the same.  Her song “Write Your Own Story,” was later commissioned by the American Heart Association for Go Red, a movement to raise awareness about heart health for women.

Emily frequently volunteers her time and talents to many other organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Folds of Honor and Children’s Miracle Network.  Service to others is core to Emily’s character, a product of her strong faith in God and love of family. Her most cherished work involves teaching music lessons to underprivileged children at the Granville School of Music in Oklahoma City.

Although she has performed many genres of music through out the years she continued to feel drawn towards Christian music.  With a strong sense of God calling her to do his work she began her current project “Break Through”, a four track EP that reflect her sense of enduring optimism and strong faith in God.


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