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Fueled by unflinching optimism and an authentic desire to help others, Emily Faith is a fresh new voice in Contemporary Christian Music. While her sound has accents of pop, blues and rock & roll, it is unquestionably rooted in faith and the country music of her upbringing.

Emily first took the stage when she was just five years-old, singing in a talent competition in her hometown of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Performing “Jesus Loves Me,” the only song she knew at the time, she captivated the judges, readily winning the contest. Not long after, she hit the Oklahoma and Texas Opry circuit, standing on stages that had been graced by many iconic country artists. The Opry circuit provided a solid training ground for the up and coming singer-songwriter, allowing her to gain performing experience, to connect with other artists and to learn more about the heritage of country music.

Emily is a prolific composer and has been writing songs since she was 8 years old.  Her main influences are Lauren Daigle, Carrie Underwood, and Tori Kelly.  In recent years, Emily has been involved in collaborative projects, working with esteemed songwriters such as Zac Maloy and Clint Lagerberg, who have written songs for Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban respectively.

Although relatively young, Emily has already built an impressive resume that includes a 50-city road trip with the Newsboys as part of their “God’s Not Dead – Rivals” tour. Emily has also performed the national anthem for numerous events, including NASCAR races, professional bull riding events and several games with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Because of her intense focus on music and performing, Emily has not always engaged in the same activities as her peers such as slumber parties and football games. At times, she’s felt the social sting of being different. This inspired her to launch her “Write Your Own Story” campaign, a heartfelt effort to encourage people to pursue their passions, become their authentic selves and to support others in doing the same. Emily is committed to sharing this message wherever she can and frequently goes into schools to talk with younger kids. “Helping people has always made me happy,” she explains.  Her song “Write Your Own Story,” was commissioned by the American Heart Association for Go Red, a movement to raise awareness about heart health for women. Emily has also volunteered her time and talents to many other organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Folds of Honor and Children’s Miracle Network.  Service to others is core to Emily’s character, a product of her strong faith in God and love of family. Her most cherished work involves teaching music lessons to underprivileged children at the Granville School of Music in Oklahoma City.

Emily divides her time between her home in Kingfisher and Nashville, where she has a supportive professional network and is engaged in a variety of projects. When she’s not recording or performing, Emily enjoys musical theater, dance and pageants. These activities speak to her performer’s sensibilities and also allow her to spend time with other young people, something that the demands of her career can sometimes limit. Emily describes herself as a “naturally happy and positive person” and this is evident in her music. Her songs reflect struggles, disappointments but always bringing the listener back to a place of hope, of enduring optimism. Perhaps these lyrics best capture Emily’s spirit, “Even if it’s pouring out, raining down showers, just think about tomorrow’s flowers.”


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